St. Louis Product Photography


Lauren Flotte is a freelance product photographer working in St. Louis, MO.  Lauren showcases products at their best, specializing in all aspects of product photography, from clean, Amazon-ready images to stylized editorial compositions. With a BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design and years of experience working as the sole in-house photographer and retoucher for TeeTurtle, a successful e-commerce start-up, Lauren has experience handling a wide range of products and producing images for a variety of web and print applications. She also is experienced photographing food, beverages, and architecture. Along with technical expertise, Lauren brings her fine art background and imaginative flair to innovate eye-catching ways to present and sell products.


Pricing is currently available on a project by project basis. Per image pricing will be available soon. Please contact Lauren Flotte with your project proposal for more information and a full quote.